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The MW Stories is a lifestyle collection of inspiration and information, celebrating the sophistication of minimal design in the home and wardrobe. Mister Woof Founder, Irene Tobin comes from a long family history in fashion, ranging extensively from design to manufacturing and shares her experiences on starting a business, owning a dog and what she is currently lusting over on The MW Style File.

Harper, the Italian Greyhound is not your typical Iggy. This outgoing pint sized pooch earned her nickname, Roo Boo early on when she started hopping on her hind legs down the street with excitement. This little miss is the inspiration behind the Mister when Irene and her partner Tim were on the hunt for minimalistic items for their hound and they were no where to be found. So, Mister Woof was created.

Some of Harper’s favourite things include:
– Her mini tennis ball, countless times a day Harper will be nudging at your hand for just one more game of fetch.

– Want the know the secret to those floppy ears in photos? Harper can’t resist looking at you when you whisper the magic word ‘chicken’. Nothing will make Harper happier than a dinner time treat of chicken.