The MW Stories | The Career Advice I Wish I’d Given Myself Years Ago
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The Career Advice I Wish I’d Given Myself Years Ago

The Career Advice I Wish I’d Given Myself Years Ago

The Hardest Part is Starting

Stop thinking there’s going to be a tomorrow to start when today is the perfect time to take the first step. If I kept putting off my business idea until tomorrow I would have never started, don’t be one of those people that keeps talking about an idea but never actually does it.

Success Cannot Run Out

It’s a funny thing, a few years ago I became envious of people who were making their mark in the world. I thought if they were successful there wouldn’t be anything left for me to succeed at. Then one day, I can across an article that spoke about success never running out, and it’s true. Everyone can be successful, accomplish their own goals and make their mark in their own time, so stop comparing yourself to everyone else and start thinking about what you want to accomplish.

Your Future Self will Thank You Later

From early on, I’ve always pushed myself to the be best, naturally I’m a perfectionist so I personally struggle to let go of something until it is absolutely perfect. I’ve learnt to take a step back for a moment, look at what you’ve achieved, how far you’ve come from when you first began. I realised my career was not a sprint and I really wasn’t competing against anyone but myself. I let go of the expectations I thought other people had of me and that turned out to be the best thing.

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