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How to create a GIF

How to create a GIF

Want a quick and easy way to create GIF’s off your phone? Look no further… Follow my tips below for a successful GIF.

Flat lay photographs work best

Flat lays work best for GIF’s. Choose a complimentary background to the colours you’re using in the image. On my latest photoshoot, when I had my photography lights set up I snapped a few quick pics of my harnesses and jumpers. Otherwise, I would try using a light filled bedroom. Natural light is best for iPhone photos as the image doesn’t become over exposed and the flash doesn’t reflect off the image.

Camera Angle

As I don’t own an iPhone tripod, I hold my phone still with one hand and move my product slightly with the other. There are some great iPhone tripods available on the market, there was one I found at Officeworks which is very affordable.

Product Placement

The latest GIF I took was very simple, a front and back shot of my new dog harnesses. However, it was very effective as the black and white check really bounced against the white background. Clothing can also be fun to photograph as you can take it from a perfectly straight garment to a first fold, second fold and the finished item folded.

Invest in a good App

I was recommended ImgPlay which I find very easy and simple to use. It is a free app but comes with a watermark, you can upgrade to the Pro Version for $1.99, which  now make my GIF’s look more professional.

The pro version of ImgPlay includes:
– Removes Watermark
– Various Filters
– Removes Ads

Feature Image: Dominika Brudny

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