The MW Stories | Meet Our Models
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Meet Our Models

The original Mister Woof ‘IT’ girl, this pint sized Italian Greyhound was born to be in front of the camera. With a killer personality and weighing in at a tiny 4kg Harper loves dogs of all shapes and sizes and will do anything for a pat or two from a stranger.

Mr. Marcel
Have you ever seen such a stylish Frenchie? Mr. Marcel is the king of style and a wardrobe that any fashion blogger would be proud of!

When Petee’s not in front of the camera modelling our plus size range, you can find him training with his snow sled crew and enjoying a snooze or two in Ontania, Canada.

Miss Olive + Lady Mabel
@miss_olive_the_frenchie + @miss_mabel_frenchie
Sisters are doing it for themselves! With a love for monochromatic clothing with accents of pink (of course), these two are serial snugglers and know how to work a puppy dog eye or two.

Harvey + Sushi
@hangingwithharvey + @sushi_thefrenchbulldog
Nicknamed ‘The Odd Couple’, this bromance is not one to be taken lightly. You’ll normally find this duo wining and dining out on the iconic Chapel Street in Melbourne. Harvey’s playful personality coupled back with his bestie Sushi’s judge like demeanour make the perfect companions.

Iggy Joey
Often mistaken for Gigi Hadid, Iggy Joey is one model to be watched. Iggy Joey has legs for days and a wardrobe any Kardashian would be envious of.

Geronimo + Company
In a family full of fluffy siblings, sharing is caring when it comes to clothes. We love this tribe and their stunning blue eyes are sure to grab your attention.

The one eyed French beauty queen offers daily style goals and French lesson so you can become just that much more fabulous.

She may be small but damn, this little sausage has a personality to boot! In her spare time, River enjoys soaking up the sun on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Living a life full of adventure in Finland, Yoda enjoys sniffing out berries, cruising down the river and treking through the snow with his parents.

Nika + Kira
These two have some serious eye liner goals, Kira is always on point with her eye mask and Nika rocks a forehead dot. They enjoy rocking their turtleneck jumpers while running around in the snow in Wisconsin, USA.

The mother + son duo behind Honey, I Dressed the Pug will make you want to dress up your dog and relocate to London! You’ll want to want raid both Maitri’s and Ari’s wardrobe for some kickass looks.

If you want to join the ultimate woof pack, we would love to hear from you at Please include your Instagram, a few happy snaps, a little bit about yourself and location.

Hint: We only take on woof’s who are serious about polished photographs, are creative with their work and have a serious following. Do you stand out from the pack?