The MW Stories | Pick up lines that are better than a wolf whistle
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Pick up lines that are better than a wolf whistle

Pick up lines that are better than a wolf whistle

The best dog park pick up lines…

When it comes to meeting a potential date, forget Tinder and take the lead from your dog. Want to know the perfect ice breaker? It’s always easier to approach people when they have a cute dog to say hello to first or when your dog runs ‘conveniently’ runs off and wants to say hi.

1. You’re cute… I meant your dog.

2. We should get our dog’s together for a play date, what’s your number?

3. My dog would love playing with your dog, we should have them meet sometime.

4. That’s a gorgeous dog, does she have a phone number?

5. That dog is beautiful, I see she takes after her owner.

6. Does your dog come here often?


Be the ultimate dog couple goals with matching your new bae’s dog to yours. Nothing says I love you like a matching outfit from Mister Woof’s range of dog hoodies and turtleneck jumpers.

Feature Image: Charlie and Frankie

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